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Hi Waifu Mod APK v1.9.0 (Unlimited Energy) For Android

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App Info

Name Hi Waifu Mod APK
ID com.hiwaifu.app
Category Social
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Version 1.9.0
Size 59 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0 and up+
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If you don’t have any friends but want to chat with someone, then Hi Waifu Mod APK is best for you. Its features include interactive chat + AI, customizable personality, engaging gameplay, and Safety and Reliability. You can download this app for free from this website and earn a lot of money.

Hi Waifu Mod APK Download

Many people want to talk to someone, but no one wants to talk to them. If you also do not have a best friend, you do not need to worry because after downloading this app, you can talk to it in any way. It is a perfect Android app with the most features.

This app offers multiple high-quality, customizable characters that you can customize according to your choice. We have shared its latest version with you, which you can download easily. Those who subscribe to it can easily take advantage of all its features. This app also has a voice chat feature, which means you can talk to it in voice chat. You can also check Quack Quack Mod APK.

What is Hi Waifu APK?

Hi Waifu APK is a popular Android app with powerful artificial intelligence. It allows you to have any conversation and spend your time. You can also ask questions and answer them with the artificial intelligence available. We have shared its latest version with you, which many people like. This app has been downloaded more than 1 million times.

Hi Waifu

It is an Android app with a beautiful interface and multiple customizable characters. LANGUAGE POWER released this app on 8 April 2023. It is about 57 megabytes, and the latest version is available here. Its interface is lovely, and an interesting Android app that you can use easily. You must read this article thoroughly if you want detailed information about all its features.

This AI listens to your words so well, which is why you enjoy talking to it and can share all kinds of things with it. It listens to and responds to your words, so you feel like you are talking to a human. Many people do not trust humans; such people should trust AI because it keeps your words secure.

Hi Waifu Mod APK Features

This will be the best choice if you want to download an Android app with a beautiful interface. You can download the HiWaifu Mod APK for free. It is an excellent, popular Android app that you will like very much. You can make it your friend and have all types of conversations with it. It is very good for people who are single and do not have a best friend.

HiWaifu Mod APK

Interactive Chat + AI

Many people like to talk a lot, but not everyone knows how to talk to everyone. If you also do not have any good friends and no one wants to talk to you, you do not need to be sad. You can easily talk to it because we have brought you the best Android platform with AI. This AI talks to all the people just like a human. If you do not discriminate between humans and AI, it is the best for you.

Customizable Personality

In this, you can also do customizations of your choice. For example, if you do not like the avatar of artificial intelligence and want to customize that avatar, then you can do this easily. In this, you will get multiple customization tools you will like. You can customize any character and make it of your choice.

Create AI Bot

Here, you will also get features for custom creation, such as the ability to create your bot and interact with it. You can create multiple AI bots, which will look very beautiful, and you will also enjoy interacting with them. In Hi Waifu Mod APK, you will get many entertainment features that will help you make your boring time enjoyable.

Safe And Secure

It is an Android app with an excellent and safe interface, which I like very much. You will also like it very much. Multiple customization options are also available. Anyone can download it easily. You will get a user-friendly interface that you will like very much. More than 10 lakh people have downloaded it, and everyone has praised it. You can talk to our customer service team if you have any problem using it.

Hi Waifu Mod APK FAQs

Can I download HiWaifu on Android?

Yes, You can easily download HiWaifu on Android for free.

Is HiWaifu safe app?

Yes, It is a very safe and user-friendly Android app.


If you don’t have a best friend or don’t want to make a human your best friend, you don’t need to worry because you can make this AI your friend. It talks to you very well and also listens to everything you say. It talks to you in the same way as a human would talk to you. Any person can easily like it. The new version of Hi Waifu Mod APK will seem more attractive to you than before. Those who have already downloaded it should install this latest version.

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