What is the Quick VPN App?

What is the Quick VPN App?

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If you want to know what Is the Quick VPN app, then read this article until the end. Quick VPN is a perfect Android application for opening any blocked website, application, or game. This VPN provides multiple servers, and you can connect to your favorite server for free. There are about 11 servers available.

Most people like this VPN because it is free, and anyone can easily install it on their Android phone. Its size is also tiny. In my opinion, it will only be 10 megabytes. You can download it very easily from our website. This VPN provides you with a fast browsing experience. Through this, you can play PUBG and Free Fire games on low ping.

Why is QuickVPN removed from the Play Store?

Just a few days ago, Quick VPN was removed from the Google Play Store, and the servers of the people who had downloaded this VPN were also not working, so many people were facing problems. But I would like to tell you that it has started working again, and you can easily download it from the Google Play Store or our website.

It has now returned to the Google Play Store, and many people do not know this, so we have shared this question here to inform you. I suggest all the users who have downloaded its old version uninstall it and install this new version.

How can I use Quick VPN?

Quick VPN is straightforward to use. First, you have to download it. Fast VPN is available on our website and Google Play Store. You can download it from anywhere. After downloading it, you have to install it and then open it. After opening it, you can select your favorite location.

You must click on the location you want to connect to and then click on the connect button. Then, it would be best to watch a 25-second ad. When you watch that ad completely, your VPN will be connected.


Quick VPN is the best choice if you are looking for the best and most secure VPN. You can easily download it from the Google Play Store. If you have already downloaded it, I suggest downloading its new version. Lipisoft Inc. released it on 10 February 2018, and its size is 10 megabytes. You can download its latest version, 2.2, from the Google Play Store.

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