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Tag After School APK v9.6 Latest Android Version June 2024

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Name Tag After School APK
ID com.tagafterschool&hl
Publisher Mulyadi DESIGN
Category Simulation
Version 9.6
Size 93 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0 and up+
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Tag After School APK is a viral simulation game. Its story is lovely, and that is why you will like it the most. You can easily download this game from this website and entertain yourself. In this, you will get good graphics and simple controls.

Tag After School APK Download

Everyone remembers school days because the days we spend in school are the most beautiful moments of our lives. That is why no one can forget these moments. You must know that we fight and quarrel with the friends we make in school, but then we start talking to them again. The fun and enjoyment you have in school cannot be done in your entire life at any age.

That is why everyone wants to go back to their school time again in their life, but this is not possible. Because the time that passes once is tough to bring back, you cannot get back that time in real life, but in this game, you can bring back your school days. You can easily have the same entertainment as your school days by playing this game. You can also check Daily Lives Of My Countryside Mod APK.

What is Tag After School?

If you also want to go back to your school days, then I would suggest you play Tag After School once. The story of this game is wonderful, and it will remind you of your school days. All of you must have had a lot of fun in your school days, made a lot of friends and talked to them daily.

Tag After School

Some people also make their girlfriends in school, and this game also gives you all these facilities, which will make it seem very similar to real life. You can play this game anytime and anywhere, both online and offline. It is a simulation game that is very easy to play.

It has straightforward controls which you will like very much. So far, more than 2 million people have liked it, and they have praised it a lot. Many people search for it, which is why we are sharing its latest version with you, which you can download for free from this website. Our website is 100% safe and shares all safe apps and games with you.

Tag After School APK Features

I found Tag After School APK very beautiful, and I liked its story the most. Simple graphics are available, which makes it dash on all devices. You can easily play it both online and offline. We have shared its latest version with you, which you will find most attractive.

Tag After School APK Latest Version

Unique graphics

The quality of its graphics is excellent, and you will like it very much. You can easily entertain yourself through it. In this game, you will also get very good-quality graphics. I liked its graphics the most; it has a unique graphic available, which is very simple and intuitive. With this graphic, you can easily play this game on any device and entertain yourself.

Various characters in the game

You will also get different types of characters in it which you will like very much, and you can easily entertain yourself with new characters. Its old version had very few characters, but in its latest version, you will get many characters added in this new update. You can entertain yourself through it for free and enjoy it with high-quality graphics.

Simple And Easy Controls

Those who play tag after school game know that its controls are straightforward. But if you are downloading it for the first time, then I would like to tell you that here you will get fundamental controls which do not even need to be understood. You will play the game once or twice, and then you will quickly understand these controls.

Tag After School APK Android

User-Friendly Interface

It is a user-friendly Android game you will love and can play easily. Till now, all the people who have played it have praised it a lot because it is straightforward to play, and its story is also fascinating. Anyone can easily play it and entertain themselves. This game will take you back to your school days and refresh your school memories.

Tag After School APK FAQs

Can I Play the Tag After School game for free?

Yes, It is a free game, and anyone can easily download it.

Can I play tag after school on Android?

Yes, you can easily download it on your Android phone and enjoy it for free. We have shared its Android version with you. You can also download it on a PC with an emulator.


Friends, this is a simple game that anyone can play easily. You will not have any problem playing it. I liked its graphics the most. You can easily download its latest version from this website and entertain yourself. More than two million people like Tag After School APK. You can easily enjoy its latest version and play it both online and offline.

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