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GoTube APK v5.0.61.002 Download Free For Android [2024]

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Name GoTube APK
ID premium.gotube.adblock.utube
Publisher GoTube Studio
Category Entertainment
Size 22 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+
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GoTube APK is a perfect Video and Music Player app. It offers high-quality movies, videos, and music. It has many features, such as Trending Shows, Videos, music, a Search Box, Playlists, Night Mode, and a Sleep Timer. GoTube is a very safe and easy Android app, and its blue theme is charming.

Download GoTube APK

This app lets you watch movies, web series, and trending TV shows for free. It is a very safe and premium Android app that shares many features with you. For example, it has a night mode sleep timer, which benefits you. It is also a video and music player.

You can easily play the downloaded video from here. It allows you to play high-quality videos, including HD, Full HD, and 4K HD. We have shared its latest version with you, which is very attractive. You will love the theme of this app the most because I liked this theme very much. You can also check Tele Latino APK.

What is GoTube: Video & Music Player?

GoTube: Video & Music Player is a perfect app for entertainment. It lets you easily watch trending TV shows, movies, and web series. The app also has an intelligent search box and features for creating playlists. If you like to listen to songs, you must download this app.

GoTube: Video & Music Player

Its most special advantage is getting a popup player; dark and light modes are available here. You can use this app in both dark and light modes according to your choice. Its attractive interface and design attract everyone. It also supports night mode. Here, you will also find a lot of YouTube content available, which you can easily watch without ads.

If you like to watch funny content, this is the best place because all the trending and popular funny content is available. You can entertain yourself with multiple video quality options from here. The leading video quality available here is 240p, 360p, 720p, and 1080p. Features to customize playback speed are also available.

GoTube APK Features

Anyone who likes to listen to songs or watch videos can download GoTube APK. Many songs and videos are available here, which you can watch easily. You will also get a lot of funny content, which is fun to watch. Its most special advantage is that you can also create a playlist here to add your favourite songs or remove any song.

GoTube Mod APK

In this, you will find trending movies, TV shows, and web series available to watch easily. This app gives you multiple video quality to choose your favourite quality. Everyone likes this app, which can be easily downloaded on various devices. If you are an Android user, I suggest downloading it.

Popup play features are also available, so you can easily do other work while watching the movie. Due to the popup play feature, you can do two things easily simultaneously. You can easily watch video movies and TV shows in Pop Play. This feature is available in very few apps.

Dark And Light Mode

In this app, you will get both dark and light modes. Because many people like to use the app in light mode, while some people like dark mode, keeping in mind everyone’s choice, both modes are available here. You can also use this app in light mode during the day and dark mode at night; this will not affect your light much.

Download GoTube

Create Your Playlist

You can also create a playlist here and add your favourite songs. If you have added some songs to your playlist earlier and don’t like them and want to remove them, this is also possible. You can easily remove the songs that you don’t like from your playlist and put new songs in their place. You can customize the playlists you create at any time.

GoTube APK Key Features

  • Night Mode: I liked it because of the night mode feature, which allows it to be easily used even at night. If you use this app at night, you can enable night mode; this will not negatively affect your eyes.
  • Sleep Timer: This happens when we watch a movie on our mobile, and we get carried away while watching it, so our phone keeps running, and our internet and phone battery get drained. But this is not the case with this app because you can set a sleep timer here.
  • Popular & Funny Videos: Here, you will find many famous and funny videos that are enjoyable to watch quickly. No matter how stressed you are, if you watch the funny videos here once, all your tension will disappear, and you will feel very relaxed.


Can I Create Playlist in GoTube?

Yes, you can easily create a playlist and add your favourite songs to that playlist that you like to listen to. You can easily entertain yourself without any interruption.

Is GoTube Safe?

Yes, It is a very safe and Reliable app.


GoTube APK is a popular video and music player app that allows you to create your playlist and add your favourite songs. You can also set a sleep timer here to stop after the time you set automatically. You also get a smart search box that helps you search for your favourite songs, movies, and TV shows. Its most special advantage is that it is free and anyone can use it easily.

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