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Truecaller Mod APK v14.5.7 (Premium Unlocked, Gold)

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Name Truecaller Mod APK
ID com.truecaller&hl=en&gl=US
Publisher Truecaller
Category Communication
MOD Features Premium Unlocked, Gold
Version 14.5.7
Size 102 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android Android 7.0 and up+
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Truecaller Mod APK is a very good Android app that helps the user identify unknown numbers and block spam calls. In this app you will get many features like No ads, Truecaller Assistant, Call recording, Announce Calls, and Incognito mode. It is a very safe and secure Android app.

Truecaller Mod APK

In today’s time, online fraud has increased a lot. Scammers call you from different numbers, and it becomes very difficult to identify their numbers. And we receive a call from someone we know, mistaking it to be their call and after that, we get cheated. But to avoid all these frauds you can download this app, Because this app blocks all these spam calls.

Apart from this, it helps you in identifying any unknown number. When you download this app, as soon as someone’s call comes on your mobile, the name of the caller will also appear on your mobile display, so you can easily identify who has called you. Even before receiving a call from an unknown number, you will be able to recognize the name of the caller.

What is Truecaller Mod APK?

If you buy the premium subscription of Truecaller, you get many advanced features in it which you do not get in the free version of Truecaller. That is why I suggest you buy its premium subscription. Its premium subscription is very cheap, and everyone can buy it. The best advantage you get in its premium features is that you can use this app without third-party ads.

Truecaller Mod APK

Apart from this, its Gold Premium version blocks all spam calls. Because of this, no spam call comes to your number. Apart from this, if you buy its premium subscription, you also get the feature of announcing calls, with this, even if your phone is away from you, you will still know who has called. In Truecaller Mod APK, you also get Incognito mode, and due to this feature, you can view any profile privately.

If you want detailed information about this app, then read this article till the end. We have shared with you its latest version which was released on March 25, 2024, and many changes have also been made in this latest version. Many people already know about this app. But to give information about their latest features, we have shared this article with you.

Truecaller Premium Mod APK Features

You will get both premium and free features in this app. If you are downloading this app to get information about unknown numbers, then you can use its free version only. But if you want to use all its features, then you must Download Truecaller Premium Mod APK because it provides you with many features.

Identify Calls

Suppose you are receiving a call from an unknown number on your phone, and you want to get information about the caller before receiving the call. In that case, Truecaller is very helpful for you because it helps you in knowing the identity of any unknown number.

Block spam + scam calls

Everyone is troubled by both spam + scam calls and everyone wants that no spam + scam calls should come on their phone. In such a situation, you can use this app because this app helps you in blocking spam + scam calls. It makes your device much more secure, and the risk of getting scammed is reduced.

Automatic Call Recorder

Truecaller Mod APK also gives you the feature of an automatic call recorder; with this, you can record any call very easily. Any person is calling you, and you want to record his conversation; in such a situation, you can record the call without pressing any button by enabling the automatic call recorder, or you can also record the call manually.

Premium Features

As I told you in Truecaller, you get both premium and free features. Now we are going to give you information about its premium features. If you want to use its premium features, then you will have to buy its premium subscription, which is very cheap.

  • No ads:- If you buy the premium subscription to Truecaller, then you do not have to see third-party ads again and again, whereas ads keep running in the free version.
  •  Truecaller Assistant:- In Truecaller Mod APK, you will also get a personal assistant who will assist you. It is a powerful Artificial Intelligence assistant and it will help you with many problems.
  •  Know who viewed your profile:- To find out which people have viewed your profile, you can purchase Truecaller’s premium subscription. Through this feature, you will know which people view your profile.
  •  Announce Calls:- If you are doing some work at home and your phone is kept at some distance from you and someone has called you, now how will you know who has called? But if you have purchased the premium subscription of Truecaller, then it will announce to you who has the call.
  •  Incognito mode:- You can easily view anyone’s profile privately through Incognito mode. With this, the person whose profile you view will not know that you have visited his profile.

Truecaller Mod APK FAQs

Does Truecaller work without the Internet?

Many people have such confusion whether Truecaller works without the Internet. Friends, if a person has called you for the first time and he has never called you before then Truecaller will not be able to recognize his identity without the internet. But if he has called you before, then it will recognize your identity even without the internet.

Is Truecaller Mod APK safe?

Yes, It is a very secure Android app and you can easily use it on your Android phone. In this, you will get many features related to security and privacy.


If you have a smartphone, then you must download Truecaller Mod APK because this app is very good for our security. Through this, you can know the identity of any unknown number; apart from this, you can block spam calls coming from your phone number. Till now, this app has been downloaded more than one billion times. If you want to get any more information related to this, then please tell us in the comments.


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