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TeraBox Mod APK v3.28.1 (Premium Unlocked, No Ads)

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Name TeraBox Mod Apk
ID com.dubox.drive&hl=en&gl=US
Publisher Flextech Inc.
Category Tools
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Version 3.28.1
Size 69 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android Android 5.1 and up+
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In TeraBox Mod APK, you will get 1024 GB of free cloud storage, and you can upload different types of files very fast. You can preview your photos or play any video in HD. It is a very safe app, in this, you will also get a search box to search the content.

TeraBox Mod APK

Nowadays everyone has storage problems and wants more storage. However, you do not get unlimited storage on any device, so we cannot store unlimited data. But now you do not need to worry because we have brought an app that will give you unlimited storage. Here, you can store unlimited data.

It is a very secure cloud storage, and you will be surprised to know it is entirely free. Any user can easily save your data in this storage. You will get fast downloading and uploading speeds, which is permanent storage. You can access all the content present in this storage.

What Is TeraBox Premium Mod Apk?

If you are searching for good cloud storage, you can use TeraBox Premium Mod Apk, which provides 1024GB of free cloud storage to store your data quickly. It is a very secure app that is simple to use. You can access the data stored in this app anytime and anywhere from any device.

TeraBox Premium Mod Apk

To access the data stored in this app, you must enter your login ID and password, which you will create while creating your account. This app allows you to upload photos and videos in good quality and has very fast downloading and uploading speeds.

You can easily preview any video in HD. You will also get an intelligent search box that will help you search for content in this app. Advanced security features are available in this app. You can also upload even the biggest File in very little time. You can Also Check XP Animes Apk.

TeraBox Mod Apk Features

You get 1024GB of free, permanent cloud storage. Any User can easily store their data in it. You will be surprised that the 1024 GB storage available here is free, and you do not need to pay anything. You can easily upload your data here at a reasonable speed. TeraBox Mod APK allows you to upload files like photos, videos, documents, zip, etc.

TeraBox Mod Apk

1024 GB Permanent Free Cloud Storage

If you are worried about the storage in your device and need more storage to save your data, then your storage problem will be solved. Because here, you will get 1024GB of free storage, which is very much, and you can store your data in it.

Upload Any Type Of File

You can upload any file to this app, and it supports all file formats. This is a very secure app, and you can also create multiple folders in it. By creating multiple folders, you can easily save different data types in other folders, making it easier to search your data.

Preview Photos & Online Video Playback

If any of your data is saved in this storage and you want to view it, you do not need to download it again. You can easily see it in this app. In TeraBox, you can preview photos and play videos in HD. You can easily preview any photo present in it and play the video in HD.

Create Folders

You can easily create multiple folders and save data in different file formats. For example, if you want to store JPG, PNG, or document-type data in it, then you can create separate folders for them. There are many benefits of creating multiple folders, such as being able to search your data easily. Apart from this, storing your data will also look organized.

Key Features

  • Back up photos & videos:- You can easily back up your photos or videos. If you forget to take a backup yourself, TeraBox Mod Apk automatically saves the backup of your data. With this, if your data ever gets deleted, you will be able to restore your data through backup.
  •  Smart Search Box: In TeraBox, you will also get an intelligent search box to help you search for content. So that you do not face any problems when searching for content, a search box has been given here.
  •  Safe and secure:- This cloud storage is more secure than the internal storage available on your device. You can access the data available in TeraBox cloud storage from any device, but this does not happen in the device’s internal storage.
  •  Fast Download and Upload Speed: The downloading and uploading speed is fast. Hence, you can upload even the largest files in a very short time. This speed also depends on the internet speed of your phone.

TeraBox Mod Apk FAQs

Is TeraBox safe to use?

Many people have such thoughts about whether it is safe to use this free storage. It is a very secure storage and you can easily upload your data.

Is TeraBox free?

Tera Box provides 100% secure and free cloud storage for unlimited data.


If you are also troubled by your device’s storage and need more, you will not have to buy storage because TeraBox Mod Apk has brought you 1024 GB of free storage. Users can easily store their data in this permanent storage, and it is also simple to use.

You will get fast downloading and uploading speed. You can also quickly preview your photos and play videos in HD. Anyone can ask us any questions related to this app in the comments.

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